The Philosophy of the Talent Identification Department

Our philosophy and strategy as an Academy is to the identification of potential new players, with a focus being on local footballing talent and players living within our recruitment area. We will ensure that trialists enter a safe environment and will be developed by qualified coaches with an excellent support mechanism, providing the players with the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
We will try :
• To identify the very best talent locally and within our permitted recruitment area in the hope that we will sign these players in to our Academy.
• To provide and nurture an environment for all Academy players in all age groups with the encouragement and support needed both on and off the football field.
• To create a positive learning environment so that any trialists enjoy the experience and will sign for the Academy if given the option.
• To create a positive and professional image in anticipation that players and parents will have positive feedback about the Academy once they have had an experience of being involved with us.
• To create a positive learning environment which is inclusive and where trialists are able to feel comfortable and express themselves.

Talent identification and Scouting
• Players are signed to The Academy following a successful trial period.

Trials are offered via the following pathways:
• By playing well for his junior club in an organised trial game against our Academy team.

• A recommendation following a positive assessment by an Academy Scout whilst observing a boy playing for his city boys’ team, school team, junior league club, city team or county team.

• By displaying outstanding talent at one of our Development Centre’s (U5 to U11).

• A recommendation from a county official and, or schoolteachers.

• A recommendation from one of our Football in the Community coaches based on the players performances on their courses.

Where next?

Recommend A Player All player recommendations are to be email to our Head of Recruitment Daz Waring. Recommendation