Identity & Values of the Academy
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2. Identity & Values of the Academy

Identity & Values of the Academy:

We have an identity at Scunthorpe United Academy and this can be observed through all of our coaching sessions, games and general conduct both on and off the pitch.

Each Academy player must:

Give 100% in every coaching session and match to try to become a professional footballer.

Play and train with a passion and commitment.

Show dedication to your football education whilst ensuring that your school work does not suffer.

Consider making the appropriate sacrifices when and where appropriate.

Ensure personal development outside of the academy by practising at home as well

Engross yourself and do all you can to understand and play to our Club philosophy.

Show respect and dignity in defeat as well as in victory.

Respect your colleagues, opposition, officials, staff and yourself.

Do not neglect your schoolwork due to your involvement in training and matches.

Have fun and enjoy the experience while you have the opportunity to do so.