Vision of the Academy
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3. Vision of the Academy

Vision of the Academy:

At Scunthorpe United Football Club Academy our vision is to try to become one of the most successful producers of young football players in the country at Category 3 Level.
It is our aim to become established and recognised as being one of the best talent production lines in the local area.
We also strive to become one of the best nationally, for our productivity, progression and care of our young players and for their progression through to our first team squad.

The purpose of our Academy is to identify and recruit young footballers that we feel have football potential and our aim is to coach and educate these players to reach their maximum potential, thereby giving them the very best chance of a career in professional football.
We deliver a holistic approach to the development of players through the provision of a quality coaching programme that addresses all areas of player development in line with the Football Association’s Long Term Player Development Model linked to all five corners of player development which are technical, tactical, physical, social and psychological.

We monitor progress and feed back to players and parents in a professional manner.
The reporting procedures are well documented by staff that gives honest, precise and accurate feedback to players and parents. Multi-Disciplinary Player Performance Reviews are delivered as per the Elite Player Performance Plan requirements and form the basis of frequent monitoring of progress and multi-disciplinary evaluations.
Progression requirements are relayed to all players and parents and will continue to be competency based in each development phase.