Culture Identity Values & Vision of the Club

Culture Identity Values & Vision of the Club

Culture of the Club:

At Scunthorpe United Football Club a culture has developed over the years where we thrive on the fact that we can compete with so called ‘bigger clubs’ than ourselves. Clubs which are usually better geographically located, clubs situated in larger cities and towns with much bigger populations and clubs that may have a bigger budget, a more extensive scouting network and a bigger fan base.
We can do this by having a culture where our players have an excellent work ethic allied to their technical, tactical, psychological, physical and social skills. We are a ‘family friendly ‘club and we try to engage with our supporters to help generate our fan base.
We have a mentality of producing and signing young hard working players, we generate a ‘togetherness’, and great team spirit which galvanises the team. We encourage our players to challenge themselves to be the best that they can be. Scunthorpe United Football Club prides itself on being a club that is seen by many to ‘over achieve on the pitch’. This is a trait that is instilled in to the players at both Academy and senior level.

Identity of the Club:

Scunthorpe United FC was founded in 1899 and throughout our years we have nurtured the development of many excellent footballers that have represented our Club with distinction and pride.
The continued success of our Club has enabled the Board to improve our infrastructure each season and as such the Club continues to build and strengthen going forward, the Academy is a big part of this.
Our staff have given considerable time and commitment to help achieve this as we all have one common aim and that is to give each and every player the best possible chance, of one day becoming a First Team player with Scunthorpe United FC. We will be equally proud to develop players who continue with a career in football elsewhere, should they leave our Club.
To become a professional footballer each Academy player must give 100% at every coaching session and match. A player must show dedication to his football education whilst ensuring his school work does not suffer. For players to personally achieve their goals they must make sacrifices. It is of paramount importance however that a player’s school work is not neglected! We are in contact with players schools and should the school report a concern; it could affect the player’s involvement in training and matches with the Academy.

Values of the Club:

Scunthorpe United Football Club has strict standards of behaviour and core values that we expect all our staff and players to work towards. We also believe that everyone who passes through the football club should enjoy their experience but understand the values of the club. Scunthorpe United Football Club aims to create a positive working environment where staffs are given the opportunity to maximise their potential.
The core values of the Football Club are : I.R.O.N.

I Integrity
R Reliability
O Opportunity
N Never give up

Values of the Club (continued): ‘IRON’


Integrity is a big part of our Football Club. We stand by our principles of honesty, good character, professional ethics, high morals, right-mindedness, fairness, sincerity, truthfulness and trustworthiness and work by these values each day. We expect people to make good judgements and make professional objective decisions that will be for the benefit of the Football Club.


We expect reliability, consistency, a good level of performance and pride in their work from our staff.


There may be a favourable time or situation whereby our staff and players are faced with an advantageous circumstance and have to positively take the opportunity or condition afforded to them.

Never give up

From our staff we expect an attitude of never stop working towards achieving our goals and targets and for us to understand our strengths and weaknesses so that we can make progress. From our players, we expect them to never give up whatever the circumstances as they strive to be successful for themselves and for the Club.

Vision of the Club:

The football community is as diverse as ever with clubs battling for promotion and against relegation and also trying to fill financial holes as they strive to compete in the modern football world. For clubs to flourish and survive they need to connect further with their supporter base as it is this base of customers that will make or break the football club. For this reason it is vital that Scunthorpe United engage with our supporters more frequently to identify and meet their needs and the club can do this by the use of social media sites such as Facebook Twitter, Club website, local radio and the written press as well as in person.
The club is moving towards an exciting phase in its history with the re-development of Glanford Park. Having up to date modern facilities which encourage people to visit the club 7 days a week are crucial in the development and sustainability of any football club.
The exciting new development will provide local community access which will not only secure the future of the football club but gives us the financial ability and income streams to compete in the higher echelons of the Football League.
Having facilities that bring in revenue on a daily basis throughout the year will help the club to establish a sound business model.
The vision is to create a 12,000 all seater Championship standard stadium that complies with all legal Football Association and Football League requirements, both current and planned and a stadium that will surpass all required safety certification going forward.

The Academy will define football in the region and will draw in exciting young players not just from the local area but also from further afield. We want to be recognised locally and nationally for our productivity and care of our young players and particularly for their progression through in to our 1st team squad. We already develop and grow quality young players at this club and achieving Category 3 status at the 2013 and the 2018 EPPP audits and this will only help us to develop more of our own players.
This is the vision of Scunthorpe United Football Club, a vision which includes a facility accessible to all areas of the local community that will also create employment, training and development of local people as well as a sustainable professional football club. A vision to create one of the best and most exciting sports and entertainment complexes in the country for years to come.